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LEAN Hydration®

Collectively, we are nutrition experts; comprised of a team of researchers, nutrition formulators, restaurant owners, and food and supplement industry veterans. We have been behind the biggest and best in active lifestyle nutrition: energy drinks, pre-workouts, vitamins, protein powders, etc.

We drank the proverbial kool-ade. Drinking our body weight in caffeine day in and day out and wondering where all of our energy went.

All of us feeling the direct impact of burnout, we took a look back at our careers and knew that we could do better, be better. For ourselves and the customers we serve.  We came back to the realization that we, ourselves, weren't practicing the most foundational component of health: hydration.

Looking at the offerings on the market, we weren't satisfied: loads of sugar, insane amounts of sodium, and less-than-inspiring flavors.

From there, we partnered with a published researcher in hydration; we realized that the solution was right in our wheelhouse. And LEAN Hydration® was born.

Built on the philosophy of LEAN, we promise to offer the best solution to support the most foundational aspect of health without the absurd negatives that get passed off as "good for you." No sugar. No Excessive Sodium. No questionable, unproven ingredients. Just pure hydration and the ingredients that play a direct role.

Building on that philosophy, we discovered the power of hydration to influence your metabolism.  That led to the development of our ElectroLEAN Formula, which delivers optimal hydration, enhanced metabolism, and clean "feel good" energy.

From here, we strive to help make Every Body Better!

LEAN Commitment

LLearn from the past as a source of learning and growth for LEAN.
EEmbrace the present and make most of the present moments.  
AAspire for the future by setting goals for what we can do better for LEAN and LEAN Hydration® nation.  
NNever give up on providing the highest standards for LEAN and the communities we serve.

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