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LEAN Hydration Natural Immunity Electrolyte Drink Mix 15 Servings

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Embrace life's adventures without sacrificing your well-being. LEAN Hydration® + Immunity is your proactive hydration and immunity partner, designed to keep you energized, protected, and ready for whatever life throws your way.

Hydrate Like a Champion

Say goodbye to dehydrating sports drinks loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. LEAN Hydration® + Immunity delivers a powerful dose of essential electrolytes, replenishing lost minerals and restoring fluid balance, even during the most demanding activities.

Metabolize and Energize Naturally- Without Caffeine

Decaffeinated green tea extract provides a natural metabolism boost to help you feel energized and support your weight management goals, while key vitamins B5, B6 and B12 contribute to energy production, normal cognitive function, and immune system support.

Shield Your Body with Prebiotics and Probiotics

LEAN Hydration® + Immunity goes beyond hydration. We've added prebiotic fiber and probiotics, the good guys that support your digestive health and help fight off harmful bacteria, keeping your immune system strong and ready for action.

A Blast of Immune-Boosting Nutrients

Power up your immune defenses with a full daily value of Vitamin D, 1000mg of Vitamin C, and Zinc, essential nutrients that work together to keep your immune system supported.

Join the LEAN Hydration® Movement

With LEAN Hydration® + Immunity, you're not just hydrating and boosting your immunity; you're joining a movement dedicated to making Every Body Better. Experience the difference that true hydration and proactive wellness can make in your life.

Embrace Adventure, Embrace Wellness

Don't let dehydration, sluggishness, or a compromised immune system hold you back from living your best life. LEAN Hydration® + Immunity is your all-in-one solution for staying hydrated, energized, and supported, so you can focus on what matters most – enjoying life's adventures to the fullest.

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